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En Route to El Salvador

A quick video made from footage as I travelled to San Salvador via Los Angeles

Building Stairs

My home away from home in El Salvador belongs to a good friend of mine named Tim. He was only in El Salvador for the first four days after I arrived before he had to head back to Canada. I helped him build some stairs before he left:

Stormy Nights

I arrived in El Salvador at the end of the rainy season. For the first week, every night brought lightening and some rain. On this night, we had an epic storm and I caught some of it on video:

Perception Change

This clip is from the day Tim left El Salvador leaving me his place as my temporary home. Everything changed on this day and this video says it all.

Who & Where am I?

I made this video from footage of El Zonte, the villiage where I was staying. A friend emailed me about a contest Transat was having to hire someone for a dream job of traveling to exotic locations to document with blogging, photos and video. I figured I could handle that so I put this video together to submit to the contest but didn't end p getting it submitted because I was having internet problems on the day of the dealine. Oh well, here's the video anyways:

Fishing with Necta

Necta is the caretaker of Tims property in El Zonte. I became close with him and his family during my stay and on this day, I tagged along to grab some footage of him fishing for langosta (Lobster)

Road Trip to Falling Water

During my stay in El Salvador I ended up spending a couple weeks living with a local couple and volunteering to teach English, computers, and guitar to local children. This video is from a trip we took to a beautiful waterfall swimming hole called Los Chorros in the town of Juayua. Good memories.

Fishing for Lunch

So far, this is the only video from the Costa Rica portion of my trip. I spent some time with friend and colleague Douglas Ludwig and on this day we went to a tilapia farm high in the mountains to go fishing for lunch.