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"Informative and Inspiring!"- Barbara Mackey

"Worth every penny and more" - Trevor Hansen

"My camera makes sense now" - Judy Stevens

"Took the mystery out of my DSLR" - Pat Stewart

Control Your Camera - A digital photography crash course

Book your spot today for only $149 + $20 for course materials

Upcoming Workshop Dates: Feb 18th or June 15th 2013

More dates to be announced soon!

Location: Palais Georgia 1415 West Georgia

Class Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Requirements: Digital Camera. No photographic experience/education required

Class size: 3-10 students per session

The explosion of affordable digital cameras has spawned a new wave of photography enthusiasts who love taking pictures but never move beyond the automatic functions of their camera. Often left frustrated by the owners manual they continue with a hit and miss approach never knowing why some pictures turn out better than others. They see a picture in the mind but struggle to re-create it with their camera.

Does this sound like you?

➙Do you have a new camera you'd like to learn how to use?

➙Have you wanted to take a course but never seem to find the time?

➙Do you want to better understand your cameras capabilities?

Are you looking for insight into taking more artistic pictures?

If so, this one day Control Your Camera workshop is for you!

Utilizing a blend of technical information and creative insight, photographer Christopher Guy inspires participants towards a greater understanding of this art of captured light. Only requirements are a camera and a willingness to learn.

Book now for $149 + $20 for take home workshop materials

Register today!

After this workshop you will be able to

➙ Use aperture and shutter speed as creative tools

Understand in camera light-meter operations and metering modes

Wrap your head around sensor technology and ISO light sensitivity

Incorporate depth of field as a creative compositional tool

Comprehend and relate lens focal lengths to specific outcomes

Implement basic rules of composition and photographic aesthetics

Control Your Camera